The processes for using the rental bike will be as follows:

1. Inquiry

Give us an inquiry from Inquiry page or by e-mail to  If you can provide us with the date of your rental, size, what kind of course you wish to ride, and your need for a guide, we will give you comments and an advice.


2. Booking

Fix the date of rental and decide which the bike, and then proceed to booking.  In Bikes for Rental (Booking) page, choose the date of rent and choose the bike.  Then, proceed to PayPal payment.  We need half of the rental fee when booking.


3. Checking Detail Size

In order for us to prepare the bike for you, we need to know your current bike’s size (length) including the followings:

BB center and the top of saddle, saddle tip to brake lever, spacers below stem


4. Discussion on Courses

Tell us about your preferences for courses, such as if you like a steep climb or not, if you like hidden roads or not.  Also, tell us about rides that you regularly do.  Then, we can recommend courses you may want to try.  We can draw a course in  You can download the course and install it to a Garmin or other GPS device.


5. Communication before the day of rental

One day before the ride, we will give you an e-mail to discuss the weather.  If you wish to cancel due to bad weather forecast, please tell us so. We will refund 100% of the booking fee for an cancelation because of bad weather.


6. Before the ride on the day of rental

Change your cloths.

Confirm the size and do fine-tuning.

We will explain some remarks and need your signature on a paper.

Pay the balance of the rental fee either by cash or by PayPal.

We will set a saddlebag, a pump, a lock and lights.  Then, go riding!


7. After the ride

You can use the shower room if you wish.  A towel will be provided.  Then, you can change your cloths.  Thank you very much for using RINTARO!