There are variety of courses around Odawara.  After booking, we will consult what kind of routes you wish to ride.

For those who can spend only one day, there are following courses:
1.Daikanzan mountain climbing challenge course
Mt. Hakone is the most challenging and rewarding course around here.  There are several routes to climb Mt. Hakone and Tsubaki-line to Daikanzan (Mt. Taikan) is the regular climbing route for cyclists.  The traffic is normally not busy and you can concentrate on riding.  The gradient is less than 10% for most of the course but very lengthy, 20km.  You need to be patient to complete the hill climb.  You can choose one from various routes for the descent.  Here, I have chosen Ashigara Main Forestry Road (Kansen Rindo) to avoid traffic.

The total elevation is close to 2,000m and the grade is ★★★★  Recommended for cyclists riding every week.

From top of Mt. Hakone

On the way to the top









2.  Hakone Old Road Course

The course goes through the Old Road and gets to the top of Mt. Hakone.  Since you can drop by Hatajuku, famous for Hakone Wooden Mosaic Artifacts, and ancient travel stone pavements, you can enjoy sight seeing at the same time.  But the route contains various very steep hills such as Seven Curves, actually there are twelve, and, therefore, very tough.  Personally, I think you can take a break from time to time rather than going through the climb without any break.  Along the Lake Ashi (Ashinoko), you can visit Hakone Inspection Gate and Imperial Garden.  Hakone Shrine on the Lake is also worth visiting.  After that, you go through Sengokuhara, Japanese pampas grass fields, which are always very beautiful.  For the descent, you can go down the National Road 1 by paying attention to the heavy traffic.

The total elevation is 1,300m and due to the steep hills, the grade is ★★★★  You should try it to see the scenery like below.


3.  Hakone Ekiden course

“Ekiden” is a long-distance relay race (running).  Hakone Ekiden is held once a year in a new year season and hugely popular among Japanese people.  It is broadcasted all over Japan and more than 10% people watch it.  The course is basically following National Road Number 1 all the way to Lake Ashinoko.  The Road is pretty wide and not too steep.  The problem may be traffic since it is the main road to the Lake.  Therefore, it is recommended that you try this course on weekdays or in the early morning when traffic is less congested.

You go through Kowakudani where you can smell sulfur (smell of hot spring).

You can choose various routes after Lake Ashinoko.  I have chosen the route towards Owakudani and Gora direction.

The total elevation is close to 1500 m.  The grade is ★★★★ but is suitable for many people if you take breaks from time to time.

4.Ashigara Pass course
From Odawara towards Gotenba, you can climb Ashigara Pass. Because it is not a regular sight seeing course, the traffic is less congested and you can enjoy riding through good old Japanese country side.  You can drop by Jizodo Temple and Sunset Fall on your way to the Pass.  After Jizodo Temple to the Pass, the gradient will become tougher to 12% – 15%.

The total elevation is 700m + but the steep gradient is tough.  The grade is ★★★★

5.Manazuru & Atami course
Going to Manazuru and Yugawara towards Atami. Since it is along the seaside, you can enjoy spectacular view of the pacific ocean.

There are ups and downs to some extent but not too tough.  The grade is ★★

Pacific Ocean

Around Manazuru

Near Yugawara

6.  Doshimichi

Although the access is a bit far from Odawara, Doshimichi is the road that cyclists should visit at least once.  It is also the road race course of 2020 Tokyo Olympic.  It is basically going along the river all the way but it is not boring at all.  Many ups and downs will gradually harm your legs after a while.  Coming back is spectacular down hills.

Total elevation is more than 2,000 m and the course is pretty lengthy.  The grade is ★★★★★


7.Oiso, Enoshima & Kamakura course
All the way to Kamakura along the seaside. The course is basically flat from the beginning to the end. The grade is ★


8.  Mt. Fuji Skyline course

Mt. Fuji is always very popular to everybody.  The ultimate destination by bicycle is the 5th station of the mountain.  There are various ways to go up to half way and people in Japan normally take SUBARU line from Lake Kawaguchi.  But it is far away from Odawara/Hakone Area.  Therefore, we would introduce Mt. Fuji SKYLINE.  If you stay in Hakone area, you go to Gotenba City first.  Then, you start climbing towards 5th station through SKYLINE.  It is a VERY, VERY long uphill, continuing for 30km or more.  It is not recommended to everybody.  If you do training hard and very fit, this will give you a big, big accomplishment feeling.

It can be recommended only for extremists.  The grade is ★★★★★★


You can also visit Chiba Boso Peninsula by taking a ferry boat.  More courses are feasible such as visiting Mt. Fuji five lakes, going around Mt. Fuji and going through Izu Peninsula depending on your interests.   Please ask us for a consultation.

Some of the courses are quite difficult to follow. If you are concerned, hiring a guide is recommended. Our guides are very experienced for safe riding. Guide services are separately charged.  Please take a look at “Guides” page.