There are variety of courses around Odawara.  After booking, we hear what kind of roads that you wish to ride and recommend one.

For those who can spend only one day, there are following courses:
1.Mt.Hakone hill climb challenge course
A very challenging hill climb course. The total elevation is 900m and the difficulty level is ★★★★  Recommended for people riding every week.

From top of Mt. Hakone

On the way to the top









2.Ashigara Pass course
From Odawara towards Gotenba, climb Ashigara Pass. The traffic is less congested and you can enjoy riding through rice fields area. The total elevation is 800m and the difficulty level is ★★★
3.Forestry roads course
From Odawara through forestry roads towards Mt.Hakone. The total elevation is 500m and the difficulty level is ★★★   Recommended in winter as well.

Forestry roads

4.Manazuru & Atami course
Going to Manazuru and Yugawara towards Atami. Since it is along the seaside, you can enjoy spectacular view of the pacific ocean. There are ups and downs to some extent and the difficulty level is ★★

Pacific Ocean

5.Oiso, Enoshima & Kamakura course
All the way to Kamakura along the seaside. The course is basically flat from the beginning to the end. The difficulty level is ★
6.Yabitsu Pass & Oyama course
Yabitsu Pass is a hot spot for hill climbers.  Oyama is famous for mountain worship and has been a destination for people in Edo (now called Tokyo) since several years ago. The difficulty level is ★★★

If you can spend a couple of days, you can challenge various course such as the followings. Please consult with our staff:
Fuji five lakes course
Around Mt.Fuji
Around Izu Peninsula

Some of the courses are quite difficult to follow. If you are concerned, hiring a guide is recommended. Our guides are very experienced for safe riding. Guide services are separately charged.