Premium Road Bike Rentals near Tokyo, Japan!  RINTARO

<Duet to COVID-19, we have suspended our services for a while>

Only 35 minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen. Our cyclebase is located in Odawara, the front gate to Hakone Mountain area and near the Pacific Ocean.  

Mt. Hakone and the surrounding area is famous for good quality of Onsen, hot spring, and good scenery.  But for cyclists, it is also famous for various challenging mountain routes.  If you are a cyclist and bored of ordinary sight seeing in Japan, why don’t you try the mountain?  It may be tough but rewarding for sure.   

We can provide guide services as well.  Our guides will be happy to take you to various routes, not just main roads but also small local roads, and challenge with you to the top of the mountain.

For renting, send us an inquiry to or from “Inquiries” page.