Plum Blossoms

Japan, spring, flower…many people think of Cherry blossoms.

Yes, they are beautiful, but the peak season is late Mar. to early Apr.  It is still too early.

In February, we have another ones, Plum Blossoms.  They are also beautiful.

Near our shop in Odawara, there are two parks which are famous for Plum Blossoms.

Our local team visited both yesterday.  One is Yugawara Makuyama Park.

The other is Soga Plum Forest.

Both are filled with Plum Blossoms yesterday.  Riding fast is one way and visiting somewhere is the other way to enjoy riding a bike.  It is not a matter of right or wrong.  But for sure you feel lucky if you can see something pretty on top of nice riding!

Soga Plum Forest

Yugawara Makuyama Park

Mt. Fuji & me


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