First ride in 2020

Our first ride in 2020 was on Jan. 4th.

In Japan, people visit parents and relatives and go to a shrine or a temple to pray during 1st to 3rd of Jan.  People gradually return to ordinary life from 4th.

We did our first ride on 4th. towards Yugawara and Manazuru.

The day was typical winter day here, the temperature was 4 degree in the morning and 10 degree around noon, very sunny and dry.  Although it was a bit cold, if you wear long sleeve jerseys and wind breakers, it wasn’t a severe condition.

The Yugawara and Manazuru course is generally speaking not so tough as long as you follow the main road.  But if you try to reach the summit of the local hill, the story is totally different.  The road to the summit is incredibly steep, with the gradient of 20% or more.  It is a torture for those who haven’t trained themselves.

20% or more

After the torture, however, you can see beautiful views from the summit.  That is why we visit here from time to time, but certainly not in summer.

Looking Izu Peninsula from Manazuru

The winter weather here is generally speaking not bad at all.  If it is a very, very cold day, you need to check whether the road surface is frozen.  But on an ordinary winter day, you can still enjoy riding.  So, come and enjoy a ride under a sunny sky!


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