Colnago, Colnago and COLNAGO

We have new additions to our rental bike collections.

New additions are Colnago, Colnago and COLNAGO.

All three Colnago are Master X-Light, the long seller racing bikes which first appeared in the market in 1983.  The steel frame is hand made in Italy.  It is famous for the crimped tube sets that contribute stiffness and lightness.  If you compare it with De Rosa Neo Primato, the stiffness is obvious.

It is also well known for its beautiful painting.  The frame appearance is beyond regular industry design and looks like an artistic drawing in a museum.  I can say it is THE Italian design.

We have obtained three Master X-Light.  Two are 30th Anniversary editions.

Riding a bike in mountain roads is sometimes very tough.  For a hard riding, I would choose a beautiful one that may assist me in an emotional way.

You can check one of the reviews below.  But the best way is to feel it by yourself!


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